Soft Matter: Young Investigators Meet 2016


Soft Matter Young Investigators Meet 2016

If you are working on soft-matter or a soft-matter enthusiast and if you have newly joined your institution, we would like to hear from you. At soft matter young investigator meet (i.e., SMYIM), started 4 years back, we aim to bring under one roof serious soft-matter scientists and engineers to present their research ideas and to foster new collaborations. This meeting is thus an attempt to connect a rapidly growing interdisciplinary group working on colloidal/polymer/granular matter-dynamics, self assembly of mesoscopic structures and the interface of soft matter, chemistry and biology, so that we can learn from each other; and build collaborations and friendships that will endure and enhance the quality of our science. Specifically, this focused meeting is aimed at building such networks among researchers who are in the early stages of their careers, and who might not ordinarily get a chance to meet each other at the discipline specific conferences that they usually attend. Since 2014 this meeting is held in Pondicherry in a laid back environment at a stone’s throw from café’s and rustling seashore where minds of soft-matter meet and ideas crystallize. The meeting has ample free time so that participants can get enough time to network with existing or emerging collaborators. Interested? Just register and drop us (organizers) a mail and we would love to hear from you.

SMYIM meetings in the past were well attended by theorists, experimentalists and modeling folks, from several academic departments, and have nucleated collaborations between researchers with complementary skill sets. The proposed SMYIM aims to extend the spirit of these meetings to specifically younger researchers at the national level, from the IITs, IISERs, research institutes and universities.

The last three meetings of SMYIM, happened in Jan-2014, Dec-2014 and Dec-2015, at Pondicherry and they were a huge success. Given the fact that last 3 meetings were held in Pondicherry due to ease of organizing, it was decided by the delegates who attended the last meeting to change the venue for the upcoming meetings to avoid the monotonous feeling. Accordingly, we are pleased to inform that SMYIM-2016 will be held at the International Convention Center–Goa during 16-18 Dec 2016. We expect more people to participate in the 4th meeting with more diverse participants and make the meeting more stimulating.

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